Thought For The Day.

Our Fearless LeaderSadly enough, it bears repeating (and repeating…): digital and analog are different and choice is good. Why does one have to win? I just came across oh-yes-yet-another-article in which the author in the very first paragraph states that digital is better than analog. “There. I said it,” opines self-described “fussy pro” Jim Richards in NARFE magazine.

Nice, of course, to see the huge ad for a SONY digital camera-whoops, I mean “illustration”- inserted in the article as “content”…who do you think is paying for this fake article, eh? We are, as the flood of mis-information continues to poison our industry.

Merry #@$%^ ing Christmas!

Fake Film!

Just came across some new software that will give your digital files the look of many classic films with respect to color, contrast and yes, even grain.

I mean, what? What?

Want film? Want the film look? Here’s a crazy idea: shoot film!
Shoot- Scan- Print…it’s that easy. So much for the death of film. Imitation- even digital imitation- is the highest form of flattery… don’t ya know.