One thought on “Ferrania P30 In Stock and Full Review

  1. Steve I’m so happy P30 is back in stock, I was an original Kickstarter backer and got the original 5 rolls of the alpha version, I kept one to use when I could get my hands on the full production run, as a side-by-side comparison.

    When I shot this film before I found it to behave similarly to Double-X in that the contrast could get a bit much if you’re not careful when/where you shot it, but if you nailed it then it had one of the most beautiful looks in the world. Even when I underexposed it there was so much detail in the shadows that I could pull out quite a bit, and you can do some pretty crazy things dodging/burning with the film. I sent the first two rolls to be developed by my local camera store and they suggested to me that in the future I shoot/develop at ASA50 which I tried later on and I think I liked the slightly pulled look even more. When developing myself I used Sprint Standard at 70F for ~7min (M) and I think I was agitating 5-10sec every minute.

    I scan with a Pakon F335 and one thing I noticed was that the scans came off a bit soft at first, I don’t know if that’s because the scanner was having a hard time focusing on the tiny grain or if the film base was thicker/thinner than the Tri-X and Double-X I was used to shooting. Anyway what I ended up doing was to recalibrate the scanner with the P30 roll in it and then afterwards recalibrate again to Tri-X.

    I would absolutely love to see Ferrania release this in Super 8 and 16mm, I think the fine grain would make it just a perfect fit for small format filmmaking and fill a hole left by Kodak’s discontinuing Plus-X nearly a decade ago.

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