10 thoughts on “Diafine Developer 2021

  1. I started using Diafine in 1972 when I was in high school. Over the years I’ve used many developers. In the ‘80s I started photographing musicians in the dimly lit blues clubs. The Tri-X @1600 Diafine combination was my tools of choice. Then I started using it for other films and purposes. I like the idea of developing multiple speed films in one can. I’m hoping it returns soon.

    Several years ago I contacted I guess it was a distributor of Diafine. I received a phone call from a gentleman and had a lengthy conversation. He said he would send me some Diafine. I figure a minimal amount, but was pleasantly surprised when I received what I thought would be a lifetime supply. For one reason ir another, it didn’t last as long as I thought. I had his business card, but can not find it. I really would like to see this hit the shelves again.

    1. It is coming back— I confirmed with the US importer— should have been here Jan 1 but with the shipping nightmares everything is delayed— but don’t worry— it is coming back to shelves soon.

  2. Hi Stephen–Thanks for re-posting this. A couple of questions. Around 2 years ago I mixed up some Diafine. I developed a couple of rolls. Then, part A and B were each stored in amber glass bottles filled to the very top with tight seals, and put away because we had to move to a new home. After that life got so intense that I haven’t done any film developing since the Pandemic started, and the Diafine has sat in its sealed bottles in a dark cabinet at around 68 degrees. Things have settled down and I want to start developing again. Do you think my Diafine is probably still good, or should I just dump it and start over? I would have to find some Diafine somewhere to buy. My second question is, you did some videos in 2008 on TX and Diafine. Are they available anywhere? Thanks again!

    1. It should be just fine—- BUT definitely but more now as it was just released again and I can’t guarantee that will be the case in the future. I believe Adorama and B&H have it in stock. Those videos were Lost when I move the site some years back.

      1. B&H still indicates backordered. Adorama claiming temporarily out of stock. I got the email last week stating it was in stock. I immediately tried to order, they said already sold out! Randy Jennings

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      2. Thanks. It’s on remains back-order at B&H and Adorama and is out of stock at Freestyle. The only place I see it in stock is at OmegaBrandess the importer.

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