2 thoughts on “Diafine Developer 2021

  1. I started using Diafine in 1972 when I was in high school. Over the years I’ve used many developers. In the ‘80s I started photographing musicians in the dimly lit blues clubs. The Tri-X @1600 Diafine combination was my tools of choice. Then I started using it for other films and purposes. I like the idea of developing multiple speed films in one can. I’m hoping it returns soon.

    Several years ago I contacted I guess it was a distributor of Diafine. I received a phone call from a gentleman and had a lengthy conversation. He said he would send me some Diafine. I figure a minimal amount, but was pleasantly surprised when I received what I thought would be a lifetime supply. For one reason ir another, it didn’t last as long as I thought. I had his business card, but can not find it. I really would like to see this hit the shelves again.

    1. It is coming back— I confirmed with the US importer— should have been here Jan 1 but with the shipping nightmares everything is delayed— but don’t worry— it is coming back to shelves soon.

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