4 thoughts on “Incident Light Meter and The Zone System

  1. Another good one, Stephen. Is stand development your default for medium/large format film these days? After viewing this series, I’m beginning to wonder why anyone would use any other method, given the results you’ve been getting. I guess I’m asking, when would you NOT prefer stand development, and just plop it in the Jobo instead?

    1. I do stand for all works these days in 35mm and 120— if it is 4×5 I still run the JOBO with an expert drum out convince and quality BUT I may change that soon.

  2. Awesome. Next on my list to give stand dev a try. Got a 2/3 bottle of “vintage” HC-110 tailor-made for the purpose.

    I would love to see a post on scanning, specifically with the Imacon/Hassy scanner. Their documentation is so poor that I’ve always felt I must not be getting the most I can out of that scanner. Hoping someone can reverse-engineer software to support it now that Hassy has given up on supporting 64-bit MacOS….

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