Testing Fomapan 100

My final test of Fomapan 100 by Film Bohemia of the Czech Republic. A beautiful classic film that in a compensating developer has a tremendous latitude from EI 100 – 1600+ — this example is at EI 800— amazing classic rendering that was very easy to scan. Shot with my Linhof 617s III Technorama with a Schneider 72XL lens. @linhof_munich @linhofstudio @schneiderkreuznachcine @foma_cz #film #filmisnotdead #blackandwhitephotography #panoramic #portrait #vintage #classic #apron #hammock #vermont #summer #summerlight

9 thoughts on “Testing Fomapan 100

  1. Hello Steve,
    I have used Fomapan 100 and 200, mostly processed in 1:50 Rodinal or 1:1 D76, and never got their box speeds, much less a higher rating. What compensating developer did you use, if you don’t mind tell me?
    Thanks, Paul

      1. hey steve, ive been long time fan of your work and approach to art. I look forward to your full follow up. I mostly use FP4+ and hp5+ as im located in the UK. I have been looking for a slow speed film which gives more grain but keeps resolution and sharpness.

        oh by the way have you taken down your instagram account?

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