4 thoughts on “Fuji Raising Prices by 30%

  1. Yes, I agree. FP-100c when discontinued in Germany was below €12. After the announcement prices skyrocketet to €25-30 by some sellers and people paid and still pay €40-50! So couldn’t an official price increase to lets say €20 have saved the film? That is if not serious troubles with old machinery as claimed was another issue leading to the decision by Fujifilm.

    1. I have no doubt that Fuji made the same mistake that Polaroid made years back by thinking the market for analog was ending and made a batch of materials to carry them over for years only to discover that film was making a rebound and they were unable to change direction as they had already ended production of the core materials years before.

  2. I support what films and brands that I can, but Fuji needs to make a solid commitment to the film community. Are you in, or are you out?. Ilford has always been there for us and is committed to keeping film alive. If there is a loyalty to be had, I think it’s with Ilford.

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