2 thoughts on “New55 COLOR 4×5 Peelapart Film

  1. I like they have come so far despite obstacles and will donate to them for a kickstarter. The man who runs it is smart and has invented many things. I think he is a camera guy like me! The video shows them.

  2. Steve – Thanks for the boost; it means a lot coming from you. It’s hard to demonstrate how promising this COLOR funding could be for the community of 4×5 photographers. For one thing, New55 FILM is so much more experienced since our first campaign in 2014; this means we hit the ground running this time. For another thing, the collaboration with The Impossible Project contains several future pathways to new instant materials in the color field that give me goose-bumps. And thirdly — for Peter de Groot and myself, who hold down the tent stakes at New55 SUPPORT — we are very much looking forward to the New55 COLOR investments bringing in the automation on Pod and film packet manufacture that have a chance to help New55 COLOR and, yes, the black and white material, New55 PN, behave more smoothly for inexperienced users. All good things, and I haven’t even mentioned the positive impact on pack film. -Sam

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