4 thoughts on “Film 2015

  1. This is something from a bad dream, I had no idea about this. Have looked around the internet and cannot find this news elsewhere. B&H etc have it in stock. I don’t doubt a thing you say, but when did you hear of this? Have all sorts of shots planned for 4×5 Acros. With, one would imagine, more and more people moving into this large format b/w “niche” of photography, Fuji would be crazy to stop making this film.

  2. Hi Stephen- They are still selling it here in Japan and it is still listed on the the Fujifilm Japan website. That doesn’t mean they won’t cut it at any time of course (and 4×5 would be the first to go). It’s listed on Amazon.jp for ¥3300/20pcs. Just ordered a bunch just in case. I really enjoy your blog by the way:-)

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