Side by Side The Movie


A must watch! Click on the audio play button to listen to a review and thoughts by yours truly and guest contributor Author Eve O. Schaub.

4 thoughts on “Side by Side The Movie

  1. I completely agree with your assessment of the film and I am utterly amazed at how Eastman Kodak and Kodak Alaris are far more comfortable announcing the end of BW400CN but can’t build off the push from Hollywood auteurs and the resurgence of still film shooters. From Lomography, CineStill, and Impossible Project, there is clearly a market. Plus, thanks to Jonathan Canlas and his Film is Not Dead Workshops along with fellow wedding photographer Jose Villa, there’s a huge wedding and lifestyle market that loves the look of Portra on 120 film. But Kodak is silent. I reached out to Kodak’s social media person and she basically said her job is primarily charged with the Retail Kiosk promotion products because its under the same side of “personal imaging” section with only a few people. Kodak Alaris can’t even control production costs because they depend upon the parent Eastman Kodak for production, as you pointed out. It is insane that the Kodak Pension Plan is going to make enough on kiosks and document scanners when there is a dedicated Portra and Ektar community. Even the new CEO Ralf Gerbershagen recently compared film to vinyl records, but he had no passion for the analogy nor the analogue film under his watch. I think they just want to watch Portra die. Beyond calling Kodak, we need to put pressure on the management and contact the Kodak Pension Plan (in the UK). Besides that, we’ll be stuck with crappy plug-ins… Damn, I love Portra! Thanks for your thoughts.

  2. Oh Man! We live in 2014, that movie is available as a digital download, not need to ship any DVDs and whatnot. Yet it is not available (legally) outside the US. *sigh*

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