3 thoughts on “The F Word

  1. For me, film is better or I wouldn’t use it. Better means that there is an esthetic to the film look that I experience as preferable to digital images. That look is based on the grain of the film, as I shoot black and white and never try to mask the grain appearance, only to modulate it’s presence to a pleasing level. The grain produces a subtle texture that is enhanced in some areas of the image and not in others, depending on the exposure levels in those areas. It is true that a similar look can be achieved in a digital image by applying software techniques. The days of relying on the chosen iso to enhance noise in a digital images to mime a film look are falling away as digital processing becomes more refined, and the digital artifact of noise is controlled to the point of not showing at any iso, this is another score for film, if you like the grain effect.
    There are other reasons to like film, the processing and printing, the lack of immediate feedback, the analog feel to the entire process, the really fine film cameras with their inherent simplicity.

  2. I have never thought of it like this. I definitely like your definition of the “F” word. Now I will be just as fussy when I speak of digital movies with anyone that comes near me.

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