Cine Still Film Review

Cine Film





Click on the play button to here my quick review of this film.

From the FAQ page at CineStill Film

Use CineStill 800Tungsten when photographing:
   – tungsten/incandescent light
   – candle light
   – fluorescent light
   – mixed tungsten and fluorescent
   – mixed tungsten and limited daylight

Avoid using CineStill 800Tungsten (or expect a unique look) when photographing:
   – open shade
   – cool light
   – daylight overpowering tungsten
   – heavily backlit images
   – strong window light
   – content including intense points of light (christmas lights, chandeliers, neon signs, bright windows)    

Here is a difficult test shot I did… I was quite impressed and this is pushed to EI 3200!!!!!! Max usable EI in my opinion is around 6400 with a 2 stop push….


3 thoughts on “Cine Still Film Review

  1. I’ve been shooting Kodak 5219, basically Cinestill with the remjet layer still on, and agree with the recommended usage.

    It’s been wonderful for me when inside for low light situations, but also outside at just about an hour before sunset during those high contrast scenes as well.

    I haven’t yet shot it at 6400, but now you’ve prompted me to go out tonight and give it a whirl.

    I’m still trying to figure out how to use it during the mid-day, but have been unsuccessful getting the look I want. Then again, there is Portra 160 and 400, Ektar 100, and Fuji 400h for me if all else fails.

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