6 thoughts on “An Honest Look At Leica

  1. A well-observed story and a well written article. But the real question is: Do you have YOUR “Hello Kitty” Leica yet?

  2. That is an excellent portrayal of traditional leica esthetics and sadly, with the advent of digital imaging, the content of an image has for many been supplanted by image quality standards as noted in this article. I hope the old concept comes back as retro, maybe the next series of digital cameras can incorporate an “acceptably sharp” filter that renders the detail just enough to convey the meaning of the photo.

  3. I agree with aspects of the article. What I understand the writer is saying is that Leica embodied the essence of photograph. Primarily through the focus of design and simplicity.

    They still make the MP and M7 (for now). If they had not gone into digital then they would be out of business. Yes, their direction needs to be on maintaining the esthetic. But I am not sure if this isn’t just a rant about Photography in general or Leica. What are his suggestions?

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