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  1. cgw

    It’s all very tentative if you read their press releases and blog. No one has a clue what they’ll actually do till next year. With Fuji and Kodak trimming film product lines, one has to question how Ferrania is reading demand.

  2. Reinhold G.

    Maybe the future belongs to smaller companies, the market for still photog film is very small. Adox f.e. shows that it can work and their films produced by themselves are still affordable.

    Ferrania could have the know how and technology for color film. Lets’s cross all our fingers.

  3. cgw

    Problem is, demand isn’t stable in the current residual market for film. Production stops when demand is insufficient. The steady disappearance of labs of all sorts and storefront film stocks in N. America strike me obvious indices of demand(n.b. Lomography’s string of store closings).

    Lower costs for Ferrania won’t matter much if demand keeps shrinking.

    Wish it wasn’t so but…

  4. George

    There is always demand for color film, the problem is that it can be smaller than the current players can fulfill or it doesn’t seem woth the effort for them.

    Reading on APUG I recall that Kodak has a high minimum quantity, and if the product goes below it, just cut it.
    On cine film, there is quite some demand for reversal stocks (S8 & 16mm), but fuji doesn’t put the effort to go into it.

    Ferrania knows where it’s going, as ADOX does in B&W. Small market.

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