News From Kodak on Film Production Materials


So in case you missed  the hysteria: Kodak is no longer going to make acetate which is a base material for most roll films… HOWEVER!! this does not mean the end of film for Kodak. Kodak reportedly has several years worth of  material on hand, their sheet films are on ESTAR base material- which they still produce- and they are looking for additional vendors to fill their acetate needs when their supply runs does out… again not for several years. This is really not as big a deal as some would suggest. Other sources of acetate exist- there will be a lot more news like this in the coming years from all current film makers, so we as film shooters need to take it in stride and not freak out – yet! For now just go shoot some freaking film!

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Viva la Revolution- Stephen

7 thoughts on “News From Kodak on Film Production Materials

  1. Yea, this sort of news will continue, but we will never likely run out of film in our lifetime. The artisan will always use film, at least as far as I can see into future generations and manufacturers will keep making it. It might not be Kodak, but where there is a market there will be products. Even if Kodak went away today there is probably years worth of supply and not to mention we have many other choices for film. Based on the high cost of Kodak sheet film I have all but moved to Ilford. My beloved Tri-X is putting too much of a dent into my thin wallet. 8×10 Tri-X is twice the cost of Ilford FP4+. I have been making my own emulsions for years and working with dry plates, wet plate collodion and paper negs. That type of medium suits my work and so if film really did ever go away, it really wouldn’t matter to me personally. And of course I probably have at least 7 to 10 years worth of roll and sheet film in my freezer… 🙂 And I think it is a strong bet that Ilford isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.


    1. I have been stockpiling films for many years and have a nice freezer full of everything from Bergger BPF200 to Tech Pan and P3200. I agree that film will be around I suspect for my lifetime as well in one form or another… much of the just discontinued Kodak P3200 I have is dated to the end of 2015 so that plus a good freezer should keep quite a while…. as to Ilford being the last ones standing I’m not sure as their portfolio is limited to BW which is an issue and of course a strength…. time will tell….

  2. I understand what you say Larry about the Tri-X putting a dent in your wallet, it’s been hurting me too plus the recent price increases from Fuji for Neopan. I’ve started shooting a lot of Foma 35mm film now to keep my outgoings down, Foma 400 is half the price of Tri-X here in the UK too which really helps.

    Stocked up on Foma 120 for the first time last week and at £2.30 a roll it’s a steal!

    Even if Kodak film ever did disappear from the marketplace further down the road (which it won’t) there would still be other options. Many of the people I’ve spoken to on the streets shooting film are those who started photography in the digital age and had never, ever shot film before and most seem to be loving it. I personally have met several people who have even given up shooting digitally to enjoy their new found film love. Quite encouraging I think. 🙂

  3. What a tragedy. Of course our freezers are well filled until the end of our days, but what’s about new generations? We are the dinosaures, where is the future? Sorry for these apocalyptic thoughts and funny that I’m about to start with large format 🙂

  4. I too am tired of both the Kodak bashing an the hysteria (which is why I don’t visit RFF as much anymore).

    I don’t care, I just keep shooting.


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