Welcome Back to the Revolution

Stephen SchaubIt has been 14 months since my last post on FR and during that time I have enjoyed a much needed break. From the moment I put FR to a private site status that required a password to view content I have been inundated by email and phone requests to bring the site live once again. I have therefore decided to make the site public once more so that the hundreds of articles on all topics FIGITAL can be accessed once again and YES, as before, still for FREE. Please note there is a small number of articles/ audios/ videos which were lost when I closed the site back in January 2012.

But, what about new articles you may ask? As of right now, I have none planned, but I suspect that will change with time. For now enjoy FR and happy shooting.

Viva la Revolution- Stephen Schaub


12 thoughts on “Welcome Back to the Revolution

  1. Welcome back. Can’t wait to read your thoughts. Blessings.

    Christopher Breedlove Sent from my iPad

  2. Great news Stephen! For me this was always by far the best innovative photography blog on the web and I have missed it real bad. Brilliant to have you back and really hope new content is not far away.

    1. The BBB have always been for sale on http://www.indianhillimageworks.com (my studio site) and I am working on for the past year with an ultra premium EU leather manufacture a limited edition amazing best of the best all leather version with leather lining and no velcro- a bag to last several lifetimes and look good at the same time…. more on that soon I hope…

  3. I only just noticed the site is back up – I’m so glad as I had come to rely on your insights with Diafine and scanning. And I’ve still got a large amount of Plus-X in the freezer!

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