Kodak Files for Bankruptcy

Kodak Files For Bankruptcy

The End of Kodak? The End of Film? NO! NO! NO! NO! and also NO!

There has been a lot of mismangement at EK for many, many years but the film group is a valid money-making part of EK and I suspect- with restructuring- EK film will continue to flow from Rochester for many years to come. We may have to say goodbye to some films through consolidation but- is this the end of film from Kodak?…. No.

So stop your crying and start your buying… without film sales all bets are off! Now if you will excuse me I have to go process some film!

Viva la Revolution-


11 thoughts on “Kodak Files for Bankruptcy

  1. Hah! So this is what it takes to bring SS out of the woodwork 🙂

    I was getting a little worried about you (and this blog) for a bit!

    Welcome back Steve –

    And I agree, not only does this NOT mean the end of Kodak film but if anything, the ensuing (and belated) restructuring probably secures its continued production/provision long into the future. Its about time Kodak took stock of its assets and cleaned house.

  2. And Steve, are you ever going to finish/resume that whole Caffenol bit? What ever happened to it? I mean you really hyped it up and then well, it just dropped after something went south over some guy saying he’d post it publicly or something…

    1. I have for decided to give Figital rest and perhaps end all together with the exception of posts like the Kodak one today to focus more on my own artworks. The caffenol info was killed by many things but I think I will just post it for reference later this winter. I hope this site will continue to be a reference resource…

      1. Wow… I’m sad to hear that, even if not entirely surprised. You’ve built up FigitalRev into a pretty awesome analog/digital blog, Steve. I’m a hybrid fanatic, about on par with you and I’ve learned a great deal from your articles and insightful audio posts.

        I will sorely miss your updates, but I understand your choice and I’m grateful for the resource – Yes it will certainly remain a resource! Especially your articles on film scanning!

        Good luck with the art stuff!

  3. I hope a restructured Kodak or someone who buys up their film technology continues to make the stuff. I just came back to film about a year ago and, based on your recommendation, tried the BW400CN last week and it was fantastic and convenient to get developed at a minilab. Ektar is great stuff too. The weak point is getting good scanning, especially for medium format. Maybe we’ll have to start lobbying Fuji to make an affordable film scanner for the masses.

      1. Steve, Is this the new scanner you had mentioned was coming a year or so ago? We really need a modern 35/120 film scanner. Rumors of Plustek not actually producing the 120 scanner are popping up after they pulled it from this years CES. The availablilty of a good scanner will go a long way toward the future demand of film. I’m holding on for now.

  4. Thank you for this! The internet is full of doomsayers blabbing about the death of film and the end of Kodak. I bet those journalists and blog writers haven´t touched a roll of film for ages, nevertheless they know exactly how “all digital” the future is. Kodak is still a major producer of CMOS-chips so I understand that “the end” of Kodak must be the end of digital photography as well, or is it? 😉

  5. Frank – great point!

    The fact remains that is lost on most of the digital users and media writers is that the market drives the film sales, not the other way around.

    Too many of us understand and appreciate the results from film capture, whether it is 35mm (with 4000 dpi scans 15-20 MP’s?) all the way to 12X20 ULF. Why on earth will someone like Clyde Butcher or William Corey decide to trade their LF process for a D4 or something stupid as that? We want and desire film, there fore Kodak, Ilford, Fuji, Efke among others will continue to produce it. Just because most of the world prefers digital capture does not mean film will go away.

    I am always slightly amused at the fervent need for digital guys to have film go away – it eats at them that their pixels can be trumped by a simple OM-1 and roll of Ektar.

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