9 thoughts on “What’s Wrong With This Picture?

  1. Aren’t Domke bags supposed to be made in the USA?
    Was this bag purchased from a reputable dealer? Is it a counterfeit?

  2. Some years ago I purchased a Domke bag on eBay. It had a ‘Made in USA’ tag on the inside and it looked like the genuine article except for two differences:

    (1) The stitching of the divider compartment came apart very quickly.

    (2) The wording on the washing instructions was like this:

    “Machine wash
    Separately, cool water”

    I suspected that this was a pirate copy so I contacted Domke (now part of Tiffen) and they could hardly have been less interested. I did eventually get an email back from them saying that they thought it would be too difficult for someone else to copy their bags. Yeah, right…

  3. Purchased from B&H and the bag (803) has a USA production label but I suspect that the inserts are made elsewhere… and there are ways to get around the Made In USA label… so it is not a clone… I agree the stitching is not great.

  4. One more thoughts… I purchased an 803 bag 15 years ago and the feel of the canvas and quality is different from this new generation… the company has been sold I believe at least 3 times in that period so who knows…

  5. From Tiffens Web site:


    It has come to our attention that a few resellers including some selling on eBay are passing off counterfeit (fake) Domke bags as the genuine products. These “fake” bags are made in China but are labeled “made in USA.” The bags are exact copies but produced with inferior materials and workmanship. This practice is illegal and Tiffen is taking exhaustive measures to stop this trade.

    I will bring it to B&H’s attention.

  6. I bought a single Domke bag (I don’t recall the model) a few years ago and for the most part it seems okay. The designs of the bags are obviously outdated, but it does the job (not that I’ve used mine at all!).

    Nowadays I enjoy trekking about with a Crumpler messenger bag as it fits my FM3a + iPad2.

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