6 thoughts on “The Paris Revolution

  1. Wish I could! Would love a trip to Paris right now, Leica M2 loaded with Tri-X, new meter purchased but no money to go on a nice trip to use them. Arrgggghhhhh!

    If you ever visit England Stephen then I’d love a Revolution meetup. A few glasses of quality ales would be mandatory though I’m afraid.

    Have a great trip!

  2. Hi Stephen,

    have a good time in Paris – Hamburg is a little too far away for a meeting unfortunately…
    BTW how about a little rant about progress of the funding of the site. This might trigger a few more donations over easter. I think there are quite a few people eagerly waiting for the caffenol story that already have donated (linke me) and want to see the progress bar move a little faster towards the 100%.
    Sorry for going a little astray.
    Cheers Christian

    1. I update the progress bar daily and it is currently at 18% or $800 dollars raised… it appears based on the 31,000 hits FR has had this month that is is not a lack of traffic just a lack of wanting to support online content with a few dollars here and there… correction, 32,000 hits this month so far… total number of donations so far…. 21.

  3. Hi Stephen,

    I will be in Paris from 6th to 10th of April. If you see a guy lurking around with two Leica M’s, no hair but glasses in his best 40th it could very well be me. Don’t hesitate to contact me.

    The plan for the trip is to shoot mainly analog and give my M8.2 a little rest. The bag is prepared to hold quite some different films for testing starting from standards like Tri-X and T-max up to Adox CMS 20.


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