And The Box of Ektar 4×5 Goes To…

Bow Not Included

After reviewing all comments regarding my previous post:

Test Drive Kodak Ektar 4×5 Now!

The box of 4×5 Kodak Ektar goes to: Leland Smith of Euless TX! I chose him for a few reasons:

1. He has experience with 4×5 film and view camera systems.

2. He has shot other 4×5 color negative material and as a result will have a good frame of reference for comparisions.

3. And at 81 years of age there has to be some wisdom to pass along…

If you want to read all comments be sure to look under both Kodak Ektar 4×5 posts as some readers posted under the first article and not the second.

Also, for clarification I do not know Mr. Smith and have never met him and my decision to “award” him this film is my choice and my choice alone.

Viva la Revolution- Stephen

4 thoughts on “And The Box of Ektar 4×5 Goes To…

  1. Hi Stephen,
    I hope you and yours have a great time in the “City of Lights” The wife and I were there in 1986. Great pic possibilities everywhere. Once again thanks for the film.
    I have a shot of a flower arangment that is an 8X blow up it’s sharp but you can see the grain. It will be good for a comparison on the Ektar. I have a good lab for the processing.

    The Best. —————— Leland

  2. Bon Voyage, Stephen. I’m sitting in the PhoenixAirport waiting for a flight back to VT.had a great week in Az. See you soon, D.

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