The Cuboid Pinhole Camera Pimped Out!

I’ve always been interested in the processes of resurrecting old cameras with new coverings… So when I discovered that was here in Vermont and I had my new Cuboid camera just waiting for some luxurious material to cover its 4 sides I had to make the move. The Lizard skin I chose (yes!) is very durable, feels great and best of all helps keep this all-metal camera from getting too cold to hold in our Vermont climate…

The application process is very easy: the material has an adhesive backing and I found the detailed instructions provided on Camera Leather’s web site very helpful. The selection of materials available on their site is diverse and they offer coverings for many, many cameras… the Cuboid of course was a custom job.

One word of caution-  Camera Leather is not flawless when it comes to returning phone messages, email questions, etc… so don’t hesitate in sending more than one email.

Am I glad to have it now though? Dude- check it out!

Viva la Revolution-

For more information on the Cuboid Camera please visit:

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