Premium Inkjet Paper Tests Epson 9900

AudioBlogThe audio portion of this post contains my thoughts and test information on the following papers:

  • Crane Silver Rag
  • Canson Platine Fibre Rag
  • Hahnemuhle Photo Rag Baryta
  • Hahnemuhle Photo Rag Pearl

Gamut projections of tested papers in Chromix Color Think.


All tests were done on the Epson 9900 using RIP and profiling software by Ergosoft.

Bad batch numbers for Hahnemuhle Photo Rag Baryta 315 gsm:

  • 601.098-A
  • 601.099-A
  • 601.100-A
  • 601.208-A
  • 601.211-A

Note: As I mentioned in the audio portion of this post the new batch of paper supplied to me by Hahnemuhle is perfect and the issue of the black specs has now been corrected from what I can see. I was informed that the issue was “fixed” back in May/ June but unfortunately the bad stock does still exist so check before you buy!

5 thoughts on “Premium Inkjet Paper Tests Epson 9900

  1. Have you ever tried to make your own paper to print on?

    My brothers’ fiance’ really likes one of my images and wanted it printed on canvas a while back and after reading through the blog I’ve gotten the idea of making my own paper to make a print of this photo as I don’t think canvas would do it justice.

    Do you know of any labs nationwide that would print an image on someone’s handmade paper? Should I go with one of the paper’s you’ve mentioned in this audio blog instead?

    1. My studio, Indian Hill Imageworks, specializes in printing on rare and hand-made paper from around the world… we support hundreds of uncoated hand-made and machine made papers as well as premium ink jet papers and canvases… just use the contact link on the home page to send me some more info on what you want.


  2. Hi Stephen

    I found this an interesting audio. I tested a few BAryta papers a year or so ago and came to a similar conclusion in that I liked the Hahne PR baryta best. However, I also like the Ilford Gold Fibre Silk and that have used that extensively since (it has been half the price in the UK). Have you tested that paper as well?

    I’ve also used the PR Pearl in the past and still like it for some subjects, but didn’t like the HArman paper, which I found gave a very ‘brittle’ image quality as well as being far too bright and blue.


    1. I have not yet looked at the ilford but I will next week… the warmer base could be a nice option for some clients. I just ran another test on the Canson which I love but he Hahnemuhle Photo Rag Baryta 315gsm is just a tad whiter (no OBA) … I love both and will keep both. I will post my thoughts on the Ilford here in a week or so.


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