When Everything Old is New

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Below is a perfect example of old plus new… the new Lomo Fuji Instax Mini back, which is designed to fit the new Lomo Diana F+ (nice but a bit too sharp for my taste)… but with a bit of work (about 2 hours)  it fits the vintage Diana Camera and Diana clone cameras perfectly and has a resulting look and feel that is amazing!!… more on that soon.

Notice nice fit... NO TAPE NEEDED!
Now Thats a Thing of Beauty!
Perfect fit on the bottom with no light leaks!
Diner. Exposure 1 second hand-held. Scan from Instax Positive.

2 thoughts on “When Everything Old is New

  1. recently i was shooting with my “new” polaroid slr 680 and the wow’s where in the air. older people wondering there still is film for these camera’s and younger people seeing it for their first time, the emerging of the pichture before their eyes.

    every time i pull out my holga or diana f+ people are wondering what is that piece of plastic and where can they see the picture you make.

    like your dianaroid :-), the dynamics of the blur and light and sharpnes around the salt and pepper.

    1. I love the 680… I use to have 2 690 but sold 1 of them some time back but kept one 690 and one 680 for use… it looks like the 600 film will be available again in December or so… the Dianaroid is fantastic… the point of focus is just the center with an incredible soft focus out to the edges…. I am using it for all of my new artworks (show / book out in October 2009)… again like you I always get asked if there is still film made… happy shooting.


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