Tapestry, Vatican Museum, Italy. 2009

Here is another example from my recent photographic trip to Italy where I had to work through a difficult situation with many restrictions but in the end was rewarded with an image I really like. The artwork was made in the Vatican Museum which is really beautiful and amazing, but as you can imagine very strict with rules about what and how you can photograph. This image is an overlapping frame panoramic (3 frames, in camera) of two different tapestries… I visualized my final image and selectively chose different elements from  two different tapestries to create a new tapestry of my own.


Tapestry, Vatican Museum, Italy. 2009
Triple Overlapping Frame Panoramic Technique
Capture: Olympus XA 4, Kodak Ektar 100
Image Size: 9.5″ x 25″, Printed on Fabriano Rough 640 GSM
Edition Size: One.
Copyright Stephen Schaub 2009

NOTE: Stay tuned for my next two articles on REDSCALE film and thoughts on the Black Cat Extended Exposure Guide.
Viva la Revolution- Stephen

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