All Things Must End

By Stephen M. Schaub

Today was a hard day. After water damage to my old studio this last winter destroyed my 4″ x 5″ and 8″ x 10″ enlargers- today, at last, was dumpster day. My 4″ x 5″ had traveled with me occupying 4 different darkroom configurations in different states spanning the last 15+ years. My 8″ x 10″ was the relative new kid on the block and I feel that it’s end was way too soon. Fortunately my lenses were fine (I will post them on ebay later) but my emotions are shot. I’ve also been cleaning out and rereading “old” photo magazines (good ones and suckie ones alike) and marveling at the rapid change our medium has gone through in just a few short years…it is very scary.

I have never been one to get too attached to equipment as I have always viewed gear as just that- gear to make my work with, period. But this was different. Now that I no longer have enlargers and my former darkroom is empty the option is gone to revisit the wet darkroom (unless of course I lose my mind and buy a new enlarger…not going to happen.) I’m ok with this (sort of) but it does bring up many of the points illustrated in the Figital Revolution book and today they all landed square on my doorstep with a bang and a thump of my enlargers landing one at a time in the dumpster.

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