One thought on “Ferrania ORTO Film Review

  1. Stephen, can’t wait to try this film. I love Ortho films. Looks like it might be a minute before it gets rolled out in the US. Dare we hope that either Ferrania film might be released also in 120…?

    In other news — have you heard of *anything* regarding Imacon scanner software for 64-bit MacOS? I really don’t want to have to run an ancient Mac, or Windows, to use my scanner. I picked up an Epson V850, so at least there’s a good alternative option. I’d really like to keep my imacon though.

    I tried Ferrania P30 a while back but really had a hard time nailing down a developer I liked in the Jobo. Starting to experiment with stand development so we’ll see where that takes me.

    Thanks for an excellent overview.

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