One thought on “DDX Stand Development Comparing Fomapan 100, Fomapan 400 and TMAX 100

  1. Stephen, informative and interesting as always. Thanks!

    Has stand development supplanted the Jobo for you? With the results you’re getting, it hardly seems worth the bother to mess with the Jobo.

    Agreed, TMax is a hard film to love. I’m a pretty decent darkroom tech, careful and consistent with times, temps, dilutions, but it’s hard to dial in. I like it best in HC-100, 1+50 (I kinda standardized on this for ease of mixing), rated around 80. Good to know there’s a viable stand alternative. I don’t have any DDX on hand, but I do have some HC-110 so maybe I’ll give it a whirl in that instead.

    Sounds like you had a good trip to New Orleans. Hope the weather was good to you; can be iffy that time of year. No matter; there’s always food, music, and people to enjoy indoors. I think NOLA holds its own as a food town with any city in the US. No other place like it.

    Hope you get a chance to run sone stand development tests on Fujifilm Acros II. The older version and its 400 sibling were among my favorite films. Glad we have at least on of them back.

    Also, I guess you’ve seen teh new C-41 daylight-balanced film offering from Cinestill. Not sure what to make of it so I’d love to hear your thoughts, or maybe a review.

    Thanks again, and all the best!

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