2 thoughts on “The M3 The Greatest Leica Ever Made

  1. I respectfully disagree with the Leica M3 being the greatest camera. It was a major innovation but it came along side the Nikon F which was also a major innovation. As far as the greatest Leica the M3 did have drawbacks that the M6 does not. The M3 is difficult to load quickly. Early models were double stroke., It does not have 35 & 28 framelines and no meter. IMHO the M6 takes the M3 to another whole level. Again, just my opinion.

    1. The construction of everything after the M4/ M5 is not the same— this was after Leitz sold Leica. Made to fit was thrown out the window after the M4/M5— ask any Leica repair person— they are just different. This also goes for lenses as well. The M6 is nice and I have used extensively— but again the M3 to me is just a better fit for my style as I do not like a camera that has a meter. The double stroke was amazing as it allowed you to keep your eye on the finder and advance with it leaving— my Plaubel Makina has the same action and I like it a lot. Only issue with the double stroke is it can not be fixed as the parts don’t exist anymore but it can be easily converted to a single stroke. Again, this is just my opinion and I do welcome your thoughts… happy shooting.

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