4 thoughts on “Scanning Secrets Part 2

  1. What a great idea! Rather than fiddling with a Better Scanning holder, just dispense with the thing entirely. And my glass needs cleaning anyway….

    If my impromptu math is accurate, sounds like there’s about 1.5-2 mm of “depth of focus” bracketing the 9-layer spacer you decided on. That should accommodate any slight differences between films.

    This is particularly timely given the apparent abandonment of the Hasselblad/Imacon scanner line by Hasselblad, with no 64-bit MacOS-compatible Flexcolor upgrade and none evidently forthcoming. At some point the old Intel MacMini I’m running Flexcolor on is gonna die, and I’ll need another solution. Especially reassuring, since you compared the Imacon and the Epson and they are closer in capability than the price difference might suggest.

    Do you have any experience with the Epson 850? Wonder if this would apply to that scanner also.

    Excellent videos, sir.

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