11 thoughts on “Final Thoughts On Stand Development

  1. Interesting Videos.
    When metering for Zone 4 for the shadows, are you still exposing one stop darker from what the meter tells you even though you have gone from ISO 100 to ISO 400 with Fomapan 100

    1. Yes—- zone system with stand development is a bit unusual when compared to traditional processing techniques— will be doing a zone system video today based on stand and hybrid shooters as it is different and easy…

      1. I was hoping today but it is so hot that I just can’t focus enough to make the video and keep it simple and to the point— will make it happen as soon as possible….

  2. Stephen, I’ve loved the stand-development series. And all the rest lately; you’re knocking it out of the park my man.

    Have you tried stand development with Eastman 5222? Still trying to find my “best” developer for this film. I like it best in D-23 so far.

    Also, do you stand develop T-grain films? Wondering how the Tmaxes and the Deltas would look via this route.

    I’ve got a bottle of the “old” HC-110, and I’m itching to give it a try for stand development.

    Keep ‘em coming; much appreciate the info.

      1. I’ve got a roll of 5222 in the camera now that I’ll stand develop in HC110 dil G. A couple qustions about that:
        – what EI do you like for 5222 stand developed?
        – have you noticed any meaningful difference between the “old” pre-reformulation HC-100 and the thinner syrup they’re selling now? Lots of internet chatter about this, mostly over concerns about shelf life. I’ve got half a bottle of the old stuff left that’s going strong, so not an issue for me yet.

        Thanks again sir!

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