New 55 Film Instant Material Has Arrived for Review

New 55 Film
New 55 Film

After promoting this on Kickstarter and here on FR I finally caved in and purchased separately a batch of this material for testing/ review as I wanted to get it done in 2015!

Stay tuned for my thoughts on this new material sometime next week….

Viva la Revolution- Steve


4 thoughts on “New 55 Film Instant Material Has Arrived for Review

  1. I just received my KickStarter reward the other day. They are definitely shipping product to supporters, slowly but surely I guess.

  2. I hope learning to use this new completely hand made photographic material is enjoyable. Four people make these one by one, and it will be June before kickstarter pledges are filled – if we get that far. Your purchase and successful use of this new and evolving product are still essential to its continued production, which will evolve over time. Also the learning of some new methods over the “old T55” has been found to be absolutely necessary, as is a good working 545 holder. Here is a link to a helpful tutorial. Workshops and many more “how tos” are planned, if we are successful. Here is the link and if you want to see the great results of New55 be sure to check out the gallery by clicking on my name link. Thanks for all your support and please do expect to learn and discover!

    1. Glad I watched the video to understand the necessity of the fix bath immediately after separating the positive form the negative… testing will begin this next week. I have extensive experience with older Polaroid materials as I was one of their featured artists from the collections for many years….hoping this hits a sweet spot for instant materials along with the Fuji and Impossible materials…

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