BERGGER Introducing New Black and White Sheet Film

This was a pleasant surprise in my email yesterday from Linhof Studio. While in Paris last winter I had discussed the possibility of seeing Bergger films in more sizes with the owners… so awesome to see it has happened. Now to get some in my hands for testing!!!

Bergger Film 4x5

Viva la Revolution- Stephen

My review BRF 400 35mm here on FR


9 thoughts on “BERGGER Introducing New Black and White Sheet Film

  1. Steve, thanks for sharing. What are your thoughts about processing this film in a rotary processor (ie jobo) in light of your previous experiments with stand alone development with the 35mm version. Would you expect more contrast if there were more agitation? I like the low contrast outcome yet really like the consistency of the jobo. Thanks

    1. If you run the JOBO at 75RPM which is “normal” you will have higher contrast and loose some of the nice qualities of the film. I usually run a rotation test and find the best speed for the film and desired contrast… when using Diafine in the JOBO I run 2x the min chem amount and run around setting F which is the slowest it will run and get great negs… If I ran faster or “normal” the contrast would be too high… so just slow down the rotation AND double the chem amount….

  2. So, in terms of film characteristics and emulsion this is the same as their 35mm film?
    Blimey, it’s so nice to see that there is something going on in the film scene again!

  3. Thanks!
    Their PMK kit is already available at Maco, for people in Germany/Europe. Maco doesn’t stock the sheet film (yet), though.

    1. I have not of the new film but lots of other PMK dev negs from dozens of different films… I suspect it will be a good match at EI of say 160 -200… really hoping to try some soon!

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