11 thoughts on “I’m Done with Leica

  1. Meh. It’s just another of their “special edition” releases. I don’t know that it’s any worse than the “Hermès” special edition, or any of the other variants. I think it’s better than the recent student art versions, or the “Hello Kitty Playboy” example.

  2. That’s the saddest thing I think I’ve seen now on the camera world. Well someone will buy it, just like the Ralph Gibson model.

  3. What are they thinking? First, why would Lenny Kravitz inspire respect among photographers. I hope this does not inspire more of this type of activity from Leica

  4. Stephen – kindly elaborate what you now mean by stating: “…officially lost all respect for Leica.” ??
    I perceive that you may have gotten caught in a spiral of negativeness towards this brand as you have shown in some previous posts already…Doomsday vision? Why??
    I myself only chuckled when seeing this Kravis nonsense appearing and hope they know what they are doing. Further than that….next please.
    Not loosing my breath.

    I like your continued dedication to help cement the film resurgence though.

    1. Respectfully, it is “…losing my breath…”, not “…loosing my breath…”. There is not a word in the English language spelled loosing, loosening yes. Rather than lose, the use of loose and loosing is quite a common spelling error.

  5. I see what you mean, don’t get me wrong here… BUT – specialist camera makers, i.e. those for a niche market and that especially includes film need to find a way to survive.
    Don’t forget that on the plus side Leica has not only introduced a new film camera but has also re-introduced film based seminars in its Leica Academy offering. Every film and camera manufacturer is important at the moment if only to show that film ain’t dead yet.
    If it needs collectors with bottomless pockets to buy stuff like the above to Leica survive then so be it.

      1. Yeah, with all understanding for their business decisions it would be nice if Leica made a new product or service that showed their dedication to make serious tools for serious photography and not only playthings for rich collectors.

  6. C’mon, this product was never meant for anyone here or elsewhere with a working connection to film photography–make that any kind of photography. Leica obviously believes that embalming its past in high-end kitsch will keep the brand alive. For all the whining, who can really say they’re “done with Leica” when an M4/M6 is the newest thing they own–and likely bought second-hand.

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