The Dumbest Idea Ever: Leica M Edition 60

OK… so after a nice post this morning on the new film Leica M-A they apparently could not help themselves and had to make this monstrosity:

Why??? Shooting digital already has its limitations and the preview screen is one of the only features I even like… so lets make a precious, pretentious (note white gloves in the video) digital camera with NO LCD screen and pretend that to quote Leica’s own tag line that it is: “The Essence of Photography”.

This Leica worship crap drives me nuts and will be their undoing. Save yourself money and sanity and just get a M4 and call it a day.

Viva la Revolution- Stephen

3 thoughts on “The Dumbest Idea Ever: Leica M Edition 60

  1. They should have gone the whole hog and removed the Bayer filter too – then they’d have the Ultimate Purist’s Leica ™.

  2. Having grown up with film, and using it still in an M7 and an MP (never mind the medium format cameras I have been tempted to acquire), I have bought into digital Leicas with an M9 and a Monochrom. But you know what?—I would love a digital M with no LCD on the back as I do no chimping and rarely look at histograms. The thing is, I would want it in a body as thin as an analog M, not in the bloated body of an M9, never mind the huge girth of the M240. Oh, and not for $19000 either.

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