Testing Leica Monochrome and Film


I shoot both with the Leica Monochrome and my Leica MP. I find that for lens work the Monochrome is pretty hard to beat especially if you understand the proper Monochrome workflow: most work I see online made with the Monochrome is not done to maximize what the camera is capable of doing. I will post a more in-depth review on the MM in a couple of weeks. Right now, however, my testing is looking at the MM compared to my MP using three different films (Bergger BRF400+, Ilford Delta 3200 and Kodak BW400CN) and my pinhole systems and long exposures at high-speed EI. I have been testing a variety of different developers from Rodinal to Xtol and of course Caffenol. There is just something I like about the Caffenol negatives.

I’ll be posting an in-depth article in a couple of days looking at these films and developers all for the purposes of high-speed use and scanning. Of course this info will be valuable to any low light shooter as well….stay tuned!

Viva la Revolution- Stephen

PS- I did test in Diafine BUT as I am looking for speeds of a solid 1600+ it was not a good choice….


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  1. Harry Mueller

    Well Steve this will be a very interesting comparison. I do not have a MM, but I do have a M8.2, M9P, M7, M5, M3, IIIf, so far I can not decide which I like best. Film is a love and digital is a get it done now effort.

    I do have a Olympus D-EM1 and it outstanding little Micro 4/3 camera. I even use it with Leica lenses. Really fast in low light and the auto focus is great for my tired eye. Still love the files and feel of the Leica.

    Thanks, Harry

  2. Harry Mueller

    Steve, what is your opinion about Kodax c-41 B&W film? Wanting to try it because I can have it developed in town and scan the negs myself.

  3. carstenschmitt

    That Bergger is re-labelled Orwo N74, right? Any opinions yet? I have read both good and not so good about it but still have that itching in my fingers to try out a new film. 🙂

  4. Chris Moss

    I’m keen to hear what you’re up to now! I confess to using an MM and an M7 (I prefer it to the MP) and appreciate what both can do for me.

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