3 thoughts on “Figital Revolution Christmas Message 2010

  1. Merry Christmas Stephen, Thank you for a great year of
    post, all the hard work you put into this site and always having a
    great, honest perspective of the photographic landscape. 2011 will
    be the first year I will be going back to shooting film for all my
    personal work. I still plan on using my canon digital kit for all
    my wedding work but hope to add more medium format film into
    portraits. I was bit hard by the digital bug a few years ago and
    while the images I can create with my 5D’s are crisp, clean, and
    wonderful, the real passion I have is real silver black &
    white images. I am currently on the prowl for my personal x-mas
    presents, a good film scanner, some contax lens, and a whole bunch
    of tri-x. Looking forward to the coming year and thanks

  2. Thanks Stephen for putting these resources together for us
    figital shooters. I hope you had a great holiday. I’m looking
    forward to another year shooting film. Santa left me some
    pro-packs, including that new Portra 400 under the tree,

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