Spotlight on Daniel Milnor

I was sent a link to this video by FR reader Daniel Milnor featuring his new artworks, Blurb Books which I have reviewed sometime back here on FR and notice the awesome shots of the Bare Bones Bag throughout the video…! Very nice video production, engaging artworks and his thoughts on shooting film seems spot-on to me.

Link to Daniel Milnor Web site:

PS- Stay tuned for a BBB special announcement in early 2011!!!!!

6 thoughts on “Spotlight on Daniel Milnor

  1. Thanks for sharing!
    That’s an inspiration for trying a different approach off my photography as i am doing now.

    Is my iTunes oftune, or are you using something else for the one minute rant?

  2. Thanks Stephen! I really enjoyed that but I’m a bit disappointed, disappointed it wasn’t another good 25 minutes longer because I could have watched a whole lot more of him shooting especially the New Mexico stuff which sounded fascinating. Wish I could load my M6 that quickly too!

    How poignant that was especially for me when he described how he hit a wall with his digital work. Sometimes, well for me anyway, dealing with film and scanning it etc can be such a dull & time consuming chore I wonder if it’s ever worth it. Shooting film is fine, that’s the bit I LOVE, but the “figital” side is just something I really don’t enjoy I’m afraid. But when you see the results of a fine photographer such as Daniel or your own good prints framed that you’ve painstakingly processed it all comes together and you just know it defiantly is worth it.

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