Peter Gowland 1916- 2010

I met Peter Gowland when he was making my wide 4″ x 5″ TLR some years back at the young age of 91- I found my many conversations with him to be very engaging and creative. I have just learned today that he passed away on March 17th. On behalf of the FR I wish to send our condolences to Alice and the entire Gowland family… Peter will be very missed.

3 thoughts on “Peter Gowland 1916- 2010

    1. I had one of Peter’s last 4×5 wide versions… I think he only made 5 or 6 of the wides. I had a 150mm f2.8 Schneider Lens… big lens… custom mounted on it… it was a huge camera but lots of fun to work with. I shot with it for sometime then we parted and it now lives in the UK.

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