The Uncommon Case

I am always perfecting my carry solution with regards to my camera gear so by extension this has to affect my iPhone as it has a camera too… right?! Ok this may be a bit of a stretch but this is a very cool service by Uncommon where you can make a custom case for your cell phone printed with all of your artworks and designs. The online interface is very easy to use and setting up files to meet their specs is quite simple.  The cost is a bit high but not crazy. I have just uploaded the image to the right and I will write again when the case arrives with my thoughts on its quality in both durability and printing as well as their turnaround time.

Viva la Revolution- Stephen

Note: I got a note from Uncommon several hours after I drafted this post that my order was finished and had just shipped… that’s fast!

iPhone Software Recommendation: I find this panoramic software for my iPhone 3Gs quite good…Panorama Application by i Fone Guys, $9.99…  made the image below this afternoon at one of my favorite places to eat in VT… Sissy’s Kitchen in Middletown Springs. The image is made up of 4 individual frames which were merged automatically in the software on the iPhone… very cool and great for web work!

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