The iPhone Possibility

Yes, I finally broke down and purchased an iPhone… guess what… I love it! … My wife hates it!

I am going to post over the next few weeks some interesting options with regards to using the iPhone (mine is the 3gs) for imaging… I know you think I’m nuts but check out two quick shots below… 90% of the production was done using different in camera programs.

The first post will be in a day or two… I am presently testing different photo apps and post production requirements for each.

Viva la Revolution-


3 thoughts on “The iPhone Possibility

  1. You should check the LightMeter app from Ambertation. It’s really works well for scenes between +3EV and +16EV. I use it next to my Gossen Lunasix 3 and it’s not that less accurate. Try it!

    Hipstamatic is my favorite lomo app.

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