The Cost of Caffenol C

As I am putting my notes together to produce “The Photographers Coffee Break”, I decided to do a quick calculation on the actual cost for Caffenol C Developer as sourced from my local grocery store… $1.00 per roll if you use distilled water… .75¢ per roll if you use tap water… not bad at all!

I am leaving for New Orleans later today so for the next few days posts here on FR will come from my ipod Touch.

4 thoughts on “The Cost of Caffenol C

  1. Hello Stephen,

    As everything has been said about your thoughts/blog/photographs…I am highly awe, WOW !I just discovered your site and magical Caffenol, that is one of the best joys in my day, sweet : )

    May you help me about developping 35mm in a JOBO 1520 (?)
    It is written on tank as follows:
    Rotation: 240 ml
    Inversion: 485 ml

    What shoud I use for one 35mm film ? Next, I think I understood about caffenol, I should divise each element by 4 (?) But, the ‘standard’ dev time wil remain the same ?

    Admit, preparing of 250ml Caffenol developper CCM. That would give me:
    13,5g washing soda/ml
    4g Vitamin C/ml
    10f of instant coffee/ml
    ..and for CCL 0,25g Potassium Bromide/ml

    I hope my explanation seems good, my english too : ) looking forward your book which sounds really, really relevant, for sure!!!

    Thank you Stephen, faithfully!!!


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