The Elusive Straight Print

1minrantThe tenth installment of the One Minute Rant. Each audio is one minute or less* and focuses on a very specific topic to engage readers here on the FR to comment and start a dialogue! Just click on the RANT logo to listen.

*Note: This Rant is over 1 Minute.

LINK: The Online Photographer

3 thoughts on “The Elusive Straight Print

  1. You are right, but the example you posted isn’t proper in my opinion.

    That guy is making his photos overdone for sure. I agree with decision of excluding him.

    His photograhs are boring, flat and done without skill.
    He tries to add light, make it catch eye but it ends up with a cheap effect. There is too much photoshop in them, the limit of sensible editing was exceeded.

    To make things clear,I love photoshop and its tools. I’m not a jpeg-straight-from camera-purist.

  2. I pulled both images into Photoshop. The enhanced version isn’t too far from taking the original and bringing up the dark end with levels or curves and raising the contrast a bit — EXCEPT FOR the forground reflection which is over the top.

    Overall, I find the image seems more excessive than deceptive. Were I illustrating a news story, I wouldn’t want to use it, and if I had to use the image at all, I would crop out the entire foreground (or tone it back down, if possible) because it looks obviously overworked.

    Using this photo to illustrate anything about water quality or pollution would definitely be a big thumbs down for me.

  3. I agree that the images used for the article are over done and heavy very handed and in my opinion are not great images… the article posted on The Online Photographer I guess was the spark to make this post here on FR as this has been something I’ve heard over and over again online as well as in print… I just felt I need to Rant!


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