15 thoughts on “Kodak Ektar Full, Test 1 at Box Speed

  1. Lovely crisp and vibrant colours with excellent grain. I am itching for it to become commercially available in the UK as it will be a good film to use hand held for my found images on the street. Have you been given any idea when that is likley to happen?

  2. Hi Stephen

    Thanks for the offer as I have been finding it very difficult to source informtion here in the UK. I also endorse your comments regarding a 120 alternative.


  3. Hi Stephen

    I have had to obtain the film outside of England, who were waiting delivery. Just found out they have received a shipment so hopefully my back order will be arriving!!!! at last. Once I have shot a test roll will give you my responses.


    PS for Arron you can get it vat free rom 7day Shop, shipped free

  4. Hi Stephen
    New Years greetings to you.

    Have just taken delivery of 5 rolls of ektar film and have shot a roll at 100asa and had it developed at a local printers on 24hr turn around.

    Unfortunately the weather here in Dorset has been somewhat dull and cold. Therefore I am not sure if conditions have done it justice and I am waiting for brighter conditions to shoot another roll. Handholding is more in the 400asa world.

    Of the two landscapes I shot most certainly the grain is very tight, with a smoother colour and tonal range. As yet I have only printed to A4. I will most certainly be using this film in the future as my main film if the next test roll remains at this standard


    1. It is a really nice film…have just been testing a bit more myself. I will be posting part 2 of my Ektar Test in a few days along with a side by side of Ektar and 100 UC. I am currently rating the Ektar at 80 or even 64 in really tricky light that I have to rely upon in camera metering.


  5. Wonderful Colours, great and highly original site.

    Very brilliant in my opinion the concept of figital revolution.

    Amazing your Artwork.

    I like very much the Haiku Series and the printings on
    Japanese Gampi. The Hybrid Art Polaroid is absolutely

    You draw the full potential and creativeness from average
    cameras, reaching impressive levels of both photographic
    quality and art.

    ┬┤Grass at Sunset┬┤ made handheld with LOMO LCA, XPROS
    film and printed on Japanese Haruki is tremendous,
    superb, with a range of oranges and reds resembling
    the Imperial Whiskey advertising illustrations printed
    on Gasparcolor material of yore.

    I┬┤ve been really astounded by many of your Artwork
    pictures, though my knowledge is very limited and
    best thing for me is to keep silence and watch all the
    pictures one by one. I┬┤ll try to do it in the next weeks.

    In any case, MY RESPECTS.

    I do wish you Mr Stephen Schaub the best of luck with
    all of your photographic projects.

    Also regards to all the members of this fantastic site that
    I didn┬┤t know and has been a very nice surprise for me.

    Jos├ę Manuel Serrano Esparza

    Madrid (Spain)

  6. Thanks to you, Stephen. I will wait for your side by side comparison between the Kodak Ektar 100 and the Kodak 100UC.

    I think the comment by David Luttman is very revealing on the Ektar 100 properties:
    ┬┤Very nice, tight grain. Definitely able to handle 20 x 30. Not bad considering handheld┬┤.

    I had the chance of using the ┬┤old ┬┤ version of the Kodak Ektar 100 and it was superb, even perhaps a bit sharper and tighted grain than the also superb Fuji Reala 100, but surely this new Kodak Ektar 100 must be even better, and
    as commented by Stephen probably featuring a real under
    100 ISO sensitivity, in the same way as happens with the
    superb b & w Fuji Acros 100.

    The new Kodak Ektar 100 performance in the picture opening this thread is in my opinion superb.

    It goes without saying that the Imacon scanner shows its
    power, and handheld results are optimized by the slapping mirror lacking RF Leica M7 and the Summilux-M 50 mm f/1.4, but anyhow the new Kodak Ektar 100 seems to be
    fantastic, and perhaps striving after following the track of the mythical Kodak Ektar 25 Professional (made both in 35 mm and 120 rolls, which also had the name of Kodak Royal Gold 25, though I┬┤m not completely sure if it was exactly the same 100% emulsion), a full-fledged masterpiece of low sensitivity chemical emulsion, featuring a very narrow exposure latitude but formidable to get impressive results in king size enlargements withour grain, albeit most times it required using a tripod and the best of primes.

    And the colours it delivered were fantastic, together with its realism.

    There was even for a time a reduced group of people using Kodak Ektar 25 Professional to make still lifes, studio product photography, etc, because in my viewpoint using
    a sturdy tripod and top-notch primes, this film could approach to results obtained with medium format cameras
    and lenses.

    On the paper, Kodak Ektar 100 should be the clear winner,
    but regarding image quality everything is not resolving
    power, contrast and ability to big enlargements without

    Perhaps the Kodak 100 UC will have a bit more tonal range. Truth is that I┬┤m not sure, but it could be.

    Regarding aesthetic beauty of image, I don┬┤t know which of the two will prevail, because the Kodak 100 UC
    sports very rich and faithful colours not easy to beat and gorgeous shadow detail, perhaps having very slightly more grain than Fuji Reala 100, but being very good for portraits with pleasing and faithful tones of skin, apart from boasting a great very natural colours saturation just as they are, without overboosting them, not plasticky or
    resembling porcelain or enamel of any kind.

    I don┬┤t dare to speak about differences in contrast.

    Well, once more my post is too long. I┬┤m sorry.

    Best thing will be to wait for Stephen┬┤s comparative test

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