Growth Industry: Photography As A Top Job Pick in 2008?

AudioBlog LogoPhotography is a growth industry? At least that is the assertion made in a recent Yahoo article titled “Eight Top Fields with Major Job Growth” by Sonya Carmichael Jones. We take a look at this assertion from a real world perspective and provide an inside out view of the “growth” of our industry today. Featuring Hybrid Artist Stephen M. Schaub.

2 thoughts on “Growth Industry: Photography As A Top Job Pick in 2008?

  1. Stephen I hope you and Eve have a Joyous 2008.
    I must say I am a little saddened about Life =Art change,
    I felt it was one of the most creative endeavors out on the web.
    I am sure Eve will rally with the new format.

  2. Tony- Yes the change at LIFE=ART was very hard for me to do but after 2 years of promoting and promoting LIFE=ART I was quite burned out. I am very excited to see how it will now grow under Eve’s direction which allows me of course to focus on The Figital Revolution!! Viva la Revolution!

    My very best-

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