Let’s make this happen!!! Your fearless leader has a quick cameo in the video… support film and make a pledge- I just did!!

Viva la Revolution- Stephen



OK… so after a nice post this morning on the new film Leica M-A they apparently could not help themselves and had to make this monstrosity:


Why??? Shooting digital already has its limitations and the preview screen is one of the only features I even like… so lets make a precious, pretentious (note white gloves in the video) digital camera with NO LCD screen and pretend that to quote Leica’s own tag line that it is: “The Essence of Photography”.

This Leica worship crap drives me nuts and will be their undoing. Save yourself money and sanity and just get a M4 and call it a day.

Viva la Revolution- Stephen

Leica M-A Available in Silver & Black..

Leica M-A

So apparently the folks at Leica still believe in film, or at least think they can make a buck off film camera sales. Announced today the Leica M-A…. basically a Leica MP Classic… no electronics, pure mechanical M! Let’s hope the rest of the industry takes notice and stops the rush to our digital demise as a medium.

There were a lot of rumors about a new Monochrome camera this year…. apparently the rumors were true- load a roll of Tri-X in this and it is a true Monochrome camera!


Viva la Revolution- Stephen

Everlasting Moments

Click on the audio play button to listen to a quick review of Everlasting Moments by Jan Troell. I am joined in this review by author and my wife Eve O. Schaub.


Viva la Revolution- Stephen

Just in time for fall / winter!


Viva la Revolution- Stephen


Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 10.32.15 AMClick on the play button to listen to an engaging discussion/ review of the movie Tim’s Vermeer with author Eve O. Schaub and Stephen Schaub. This is a great movie and one I recommend for everyone, a must watch!


Movie Trailer:

Additional Information: Prof Philip Steadman (UCLS) on the film ‘Tim’s Vermeer’

Now go rent the movie!!!

Viva la Revolution- Stephen


With the advent of new developments in the story I’ve been thinking a lot about Vivian Maier and her work. Yes, it does boil down to money when you die, but the Maier example is actually small potatoes. If you have not seen the movie “The Art of the Steal” then go watch it now.

It deals with the subject of the infamous Barnes Collection, at $25 billion perhaps the most valuable in the world. With no heirs, questionable trustees, and a city hell-bent on increasing it’s art collection … the story of the stealing of the Barnes Collection contains enough intrigue and outrage to make any artist- and collector- rethink what it means to “own” artwork.


you can also watch the movie on youtube….

The Art of the Steal Movie

I was fortunate to visit the Barnes Foundation before it was stolen and moved to it’s current location in Philadelphia… I have not been back since. I find it too upsetting.

The lesson here? Make babies so at least you have an heir!

Viva la Revolution- Stephen


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