The Story of Polaroid….. and more!

Viva la Revolution- Stephen

Looks like the Impossible Project has nailed it with with B&W Ver 2.0! More soon… let the testing begin!


Viva La Revolution- Stephen

Support analog photography!!!!

Viva la Revolution- Stephen

This will be the December to remember for film shooters!!!

Viva la Revolution- Steve

Update…. and also Batman Vs Superman…


Just for the record I have no connection with this film other than going to school at RIT with Shawn and happy to call him a friend… pisses me off when an artistic project is cut short…. hoping that does not happen!

Very sad news, Mary Ellen Mark passed away May 25, 2015… rest in peace.

Making a film is hard and costs lots and lots and LOTS of $$$$$. My RIT friend Shawn Convey has been working on this movie about Bosnian war veterans- and the wild horses they work to protect- for several years. He just needs a bit more cash to finish making it happen: I hope you will consider being a part of this effort on any level.

Support your local artist! Artists supporting artists is always a good idea!

Viva la Revolution- Stephen