Looks like the Impossible Project has nailed it with with B&W Ver 2.0! More soon… let the testing begin!


Viva La Revolution- Stephen

Support analog photography!!!!

Viva la Revolution- Stephen

This will be the December to remember for film shooters!!!

Viva la Revolution- Steve

Update…. and also Batman Vs Superman…


Just for the record I have no connection with this film other than going to school at RIT with Shawn and happy to call him a friend… pisses me off when an artistic project is cut short…. hoping that does not happen!

Very sad news, Mary Ellen Mark passed away May 25, 2015… rest in peace.

Making a film is hard and costs lots and lots and LOTS of $$$$$. My RIT friend Shawn Convey has been working on this movie about Bosnian war veterans- and the wild horses they work to protect- for several years. He just needs a bit more cash to finish making it happen: I hope you will consider being a part of this effort on any level.

Support your local artist! Artists supporting artists is always a good idea!

Viva la Revolution- Stephen




This was a pleasant surprise in my email yesterday from Linhof Studio. While in Paris last winter I had discussed the possibility of seeing Bergger films in more sizes with the owners… so awesome to see it has happened. Now to get some in my hands for testing!!!

Bergger Film 4x5

Viva la Revolution- Stephen

My review BRF 400 35mm here on FR