Pinhole Film Tests With ORTHOTOPOSCOPE SS Camera

Running a test with my new ORTHOTOPOSCOPE SS camera (6×12) and a non optimized pinhole of around F70 (optimized is around F130 for the 25mm focal length). I am looking at the following films with EI from approx 100-1600 all in developers I have found that works best for maximum compensation and best overall tonality […]

Let The Film Testing Begin

I am heading to the Cotswolds (UK) in just over a week and running one last set of tests over┬áthe next few days…. looking at chromogenic B&W films (and converted Portra 400) compared to traditional B&W films processed in Pyro 510 (stand development)… all for the purposes of scanning. Stay tuned! PS- and yes that […]

Fuji Stops Motion Picture Film Production

As previously announced, Fujifilm has stopped production of the majority of Motion Picture Film products by March, 2013. Kodak of course still makes motion picture film so no worries for now!!!!!* We all knew this was coming and Fuji has also discontinued many great still films this last year(+) as well- I for one […]

Kodak Portra 400 Pinhole Reciprocity Test

Click on the audio play button to listen to this quick post on reciprocity correction for the New Kodak Portra 400 film. In a nutshell: double and triple everything beyond 1 second and you should be spot on. Viva la Revolution- Stephen

Another Kodak Portra 400 Review

This review was passed on to me this morning and thought it would be of value to readers here on FR… his tests confirm what my posts here on FR did but he also tested the new Kodak Portra 400 at 6400 and 12,000 with very usable results… check it out: Links to articles […]

Kodak New Portra 400 Review Part 2: Skin Tones

As promised here are example images of the new Kodak Portra 400 film with a bit of a twist… you get to vote! There are two different films shown, both films are a 400 speed color negative material… one of them is the new Kodak Portra 400. Which do you like?┬áBoth films have two examples […]